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Council Elections 2024

Council Elections Day is currently scheduled for Saturday 26 October 2024.

Under the Local Government Act 2020, the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) conducts the election process on behalf of Council. The 2024 elections will be held by postal voting. This means you must have posted your vote by 6pm on Friday 25 October 2024. 

You can find out more information by calling the VEC directly on 131 832 or by visiting the VEC’s website.

Ward Boundary Changes for the October 2024 elections

Within any local government area that is divided into wards, each ward must be within +/- 10% of the average across all wards to comply with the Local Government Act 2020.

Changes in population, locations of housing and voting entitlements all continuously impact the number of voters in each ward. Accordingly, the Minister for Local Government at the start of 2024, asked the VEC to commence a ward boundary review for Greater Dandenong, under the provisions of section 17 of the Local Government Act 2020.

After consultation with the community, the VEC submitted a final report to the Minister on 24 April advising of its recommendation for adjustments to Greater Dandenong’s current ward boundaries. The Minister accepted these changes on 28 May and they will come into effect for the October 2024 Council Elections.

You can see what the changes will be at Local Government Victoria.


There will be a number of Candidate Information Sessions held by peak body organisations and the VEC. These sessions will include information about:

  • eligibility requirements for running as a candidate in a Council election
  • how to nominate as a candidate
  • what’s involved in running a campaign and
  • voting.

Council will host a Candidate Information Session by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) on Thursday 5 September at its Civic Centre Chamber, Level 2, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Details on how to book for this session will be posted soon on this website.

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) is also holding a number of candidate information sessions across the metro region.

For more information about these sessions, visit Stand for Council.


If you are enrolled to vote for the Federal and State elections and are a resident of the City of Greater Dandenong, then you are automatically enrolled to vote at the Council elections and it is compulsory for you to vote.

You may also be eligible to vote if you are a ratepayer in Greater Dandenong, even if you are not an Australian citizen, or live outside Greater Dandenong. This is called Council-enrolled voting. 


Postal Voting – How does it work?

The VEC will automatically post a ballot pack to each voter on the Voter’s Roll between 7-10 October 2024.

Completed ballot papers must reach the VEC’s Returning Officer (in the envelope provided with the ballot papers) by 6pm on 25 October 2024 either by handing them in at the VEC’s temporary Election Office in Greater Dandenong (opening 9 September) or by post.

Please do not send them to Council or lodge them at Council’s customer service centres.

Will there be early voting?

There will be an opportunity to vote after 22 September and prior to receiving a ballot pack if you attend the VEC’s temporary Election Office at 237 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong which will open on 9 September 2024.  

Recently moved to Greater Dandenong?

If you have recently moved into Greater Dandenong, or moved within Greater Dandenong, you will need to change your Victorian enrolment details. You can check your enrolment or enrol online or by calling the VEC on 131 832.

To be included on the Voters’ Roll with the correct information about your address for this year’s Council elections, any new enrolment details must be received by the VEC before 4pm on 7 August 2024.

Council enrolled voters (previously called the CEO’s List)

There are many legal rules that apply to council enrolled voters. In easy terms, if you are not automatically enrolled to vote in the Council elections as a resident of Greater Dandenong, you can apply to be included on the list of council enrolled voters if you:

  • own and pay rates on a property in Greater Dandenong but do not live in Greater Dandenong or
  • are a non-Australian citizen who lives and pays rates in Greater Dandenong or
  • pay rates on a property that you occupy and have no other voting entitlement in Greater Dandenong, e.g. you are a business occupier of a property that pays rates as a condition of the lease you hold on that property and have the prior agreement of the owners to apply to vote at these elections or
  • are a director or company secretary of a corporation that pays rates in Greater Dandenong and have no other voting entitlement within Greater Dandenong.

A letter detailing the requirements for council enrolled voters has been sent to all potential council enrolled voters in Greater Dandenong. Application forms have been included with this letter if you choose to apply. It is not mandatory for anyone to apply to become a council enrolled voter, however, if you do apply and your application is accepted, it will then be compulsory for you to vote.

Application forms

Application forms must be submitted as soon as possible and before 4pm on 7 August 2024.

A person is only entitled to be on the Voters’ Roll for one address within Greater Dandenong. 

Application form for owner ratepayers

Use this form if you own a residential property within Greater Dandenong but do not live in Greater Dandenong or if you pay rates within Greater Dandenong and are not able to be on the State Electoral Roll, for example you may not be an Australian citizen.

Application Form for Owner Ratepayers - 65KB

Application form for business owners or occupiers

Use this form if you are a business owner or occupier that pays rates to Greater Dandenong City Council.

Application Form for Business Owners or Occupiers - 72KB

Silent voters

Any person who is entitled to be on the Voters’ Roll for the October 2024 Elections may lodge a request on the prescribed form to Council’s Chief Executive Officer that their address not be shown on the any Voters’ Roll if their personal safety or that of their family would be placed at risk.

The following application form would need to be completed and submitted to Council before 4pm, 7 August and a response to the request will be issued in writing.

Application form for Silent Voter Request

Use this form if you must have your address excluded from any Voters’ Roll.

Application Form for Silent Voter Request - 60KB