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Holding an Event in Greater Dandenong

The City of Greater Dandenong encourages and supports festivals and events as one of the major mediums for creative cultural expression that showcases our city and its unique cultural diversity.
Whether you have years of experience in hosting events, or have never held an event before, the Festivals and Events team can assist you in making your event a safe, hassle free and enjoyable experience. 

If you are organising an event, you must follow current COVID-19 restrictions set out by the State Government. For the latest updates please visit the State Government website.

Preparing for your event 

Depending on the type of event you are holding and where it is being held you may need to request permission from Council or other authorities to hold the event. You might also need to apply for permits to conduct certain activities at your event.
There are a range of locations in Greater Dandenong that are excellent for holding events. 

Where do you want to have your event?

Council owned venues

Council parks/reserves 

Private land 

Jumping castles and inflatables

Council is committed to ensuring the safety of our community at events. In response to the recent tragic incident in Tasmania involving a jumping castle no events on Council land will be able to include jumping castles or inflatables until the Tasmanian case is investigated. This includes Council events, community-run events and birthday parties.

For more information contact the events team at

Social gatherings 

Social gatherings are generally low risk events that can be less than 200 people, picnics, sporting fixtures, or gatherings with little or no equipment. If you believe your event meets these criteria, apply for the casual use of a park, reserve or sports ground

Festivals or Events 

Events with food stalls, music or fireworks or large events of over 200 attendees on Council land in the City of Greater Dandenong require an event permit.

Event Permit Application

Below is the event application process; if you follow these stages, it should be a smooth process. Please ensure you keep to the deadlines outlined and contact the Festivals and Events team with any concerns or questions you have.
Stage one - 90 days before the event

Submit the following:

Stage two - 60 days before the event

Submit the following:

Part B of this form is a risk assessment. To assist you to complete the form, an example of a completed Part B form can be found here, Example - Event Form Part B - 3MB 

  • Event Site Plan
  • Traffic Management Plan (for events with road closures)
  • Public Liability Insurance or Certificate of Currency of at least $20 Million 

Stage three: 30 days before the event

Submit the following: 

Stage four: Seven working days before the event

  • Ensure food stalls have submitted a 'Statement of Trade for Food ' for the event date on the Streatrader website

Other permits

Public Entertainment Permits

City of Greater Dandenong is committed to ensuring public safety during mass gatherings. Council, through its Municipal Building Surveyor, has a duty to enforce the requirement of occupancy permits for places of public entertainment (POPE) are in place.

Please ensure you read the information on the below link to understand the legal requirements if you are hosting public entertainment in a building or on other lands. A court penalty can apply where a person or company conducts entertainment without a relevant permit.

Read more about Public Entertainment Permits

Local Laws Permit

If you are holding your event in a public space, depending on how many attendees you have you might have to pay a Public Space Event Approvals fee. Read more about Public Space Event Approval fee.

Planning Permits

Depending on the type of event and where you are holding it, you may need to apply for a planning permit.

Even if the building is a place of assembly (eg a sport hall) or a place of worship (eg temple, church or other denominational building), you or the owner may need other types of planning consent from Council to hold your event.

You might also need a permit for any event signage you are considering.

You should be aware that if you require a permit or planning consent from Council and you do not obtain it, you could be liable to fines and further legal action for your unpermitted event.

Contact Council’s helpful trained town planners in the Planning and Design Department for advice before you begin planning your event.

Arts, Festivals and Events Grant

The Community Support Grants Program is to support festivals, events and arts festivals that activate public spaces, build community connection and cross-cultural exchange. For more information, visit community grants programs page. 

Get Involved

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From food stalls to market stalls to community stalls, there are plenty of opportunities for you to promote your business at any one of our events you would like. 

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