Happy dog being held by his family

Animal Welfare

Animal Cruelty

Any instances of animal cruelty should be reported to one of the following authorities:

    Phone: 9224 2222

  • Animal Rescue - Peninsula Animal Aid
    Phone: 5978 6706

  • Cat Protection Society
    Phone: 9434 7155

Injured Wildlife

If you find any injured native wildlife, contact any of the following organisations:

  • Department of Primary Industries
    Phone: 136 186

  • Wildlife Victoria
    Phone: 1300 094 535 or 13 000 WILDLIFE

  • AWARE (Australia Wildlife Assistance Rescue and Education)
    Phone: 0412 433 727

  • Help for Wildlife (Emergency Wildlife Rescue)
    Phone: 0477 555 611 

Dead Animal Removal

  • Council land and roads
    Council is responsible for removal of dead animals from Council owned or maintained land and properties.
    Contact Council or fill in an online report form and the animal will be removed within 24 hours.

  • All other roads
    VicRoads is responsible for removal of dead animals on major arterial roads (highways, freeways and declared main roads).

    Contact VicRoads on 13 11 71 for any customer related enquires.

  • Private property
    Removal of dead animals from private property must be undertaken by the owner of the land or the animal's owner.

  • Power lines
    Dead possums on powerlines can be removed by Jemena.
    Contact Jemena on 132 099.

Animals and Emergencies

Emergencies can happen at any time so it is critical you prepare now to ensure your animals are protected. There are a variety of disasters and extreme situations that may place your animals in danger, including heatwaves, bushfires, extreme weather and storms.