Packaged dumplings

New Take on an Old Favourite

Packaged dumplings

Diversifying your product line is always a challenge, but not for Granny’s Food. Famously renowned for their Russian dumplings, Granny’s Food introduced a new product line to their business –Japanese Gyoza.

This vision was the brainchild of Tatiana Kuzovova, one of the owners of Granny’s Food. Whilst Tatiana was studying in Japan she loved to eat a variety of Gyoza. She studied in the city which is well known for this type of product, so her research was vast. Tatiana spent time working in a Gyoza factory in Hamamatsu city and this along with her connections there enabled her to get a good sense of what goes into a delicious Gyoza.

Closer to home her connections grew. Her daughter studied in a Japanese school in Huntingdale and Tatiana forged further connections within the local Japanese community and identified a demand for a great Gyoza.

In 2020, Granny’s Food started to manufacture their Japanese Gyoza. The recipe is traditional and as authentic to a true Gyoza as possible. Their product is a healthier version and also enables those with food allergies to enjoy their product.