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Sweet Like Sugarcane Juice

Mai from Saccha Sugarcane at Dandenong Market

The desire to savour the flavours of home often resonates deeply with those who immigrate to another land.

For Mai, it was the nostalgic taste of fresh sugarcane juice from her childhood in Vietnam that sparked the inception of Saccha Sugarcane Juice Bar, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey that has left a sweet imprint on the Dandenong Market for the past 10 years.

It all started on a memorable Tuesday 22 April 2014, when Saccha debuted as a casual pop-up stall at the Market. Reflecting on those early days, Mai recounts the bustling energy of their first World Fare event at the Market.

Despite a few initial hiccups, the overwhelming response from customers left Mai and her partner astounded. With a queue that seemed endless, they soon found themselves selling out of their sugarcane juice, even purchasing stock from another vendor to meet the demand.

It was this overwhelming popularity that led to an invitation to trade in the Market. The early days were marked by challenges and valuable lessons. Navigating the unpredictable demand for their product posed a constant supply and demand challenge. Yet, it was the perseverance through hurdles like unreliable juicing machines that ultimately paved the way for Saccha's resilience and growth.

Amidst the trials, the evolution of Saccha has been a journey filled with joy and connection. Mai cherishes the bonds forged with customers, fellow stallholders, and the broader community. From young to old, local to international, Saccha's customers are as diverse as the sugarcane fields themselves. The Market became more than just a place of business, it became a home.

Looking back, Mai fondly recalls, the moments of adversity that now serve as cherished anecdotes. Many of these memories are shared with customers who have become part of the Saccha family.

We have customers with memories of trying sugarcane juice for the first time as a child or being entertained by the tossing and twirling the sugarcane stick.

As Saccha looks toward the future, the vision is one of expansion and innovation. Plans to upgrade their setup and explore new avenues with sugarcane signify the next chapter in their journey. When looking towards the future, Mai can’t help but reflect on the past and how far this idea has come.

I look back when this business was just an idea, nurtured by my late father’s advice and encouragement. He told me before he had passed away, that if I have idea, make it happen. This lasting moment I had with my father is what I cherish the most.”

With the spirit of creativity and a commitment to quality ingrained in their ethos, Saccha Sugarcane Juice Bar continues to sweeten the lives of Melburnians, particularly those at the Market, one sip at a time.

So, here's to the next decade of Saccha.

You'll find them located in Market Square at the Dandenong Market, where every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday you get to enjoy the simple joy of a good cup of sugarcane juice.

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