Factory production line

World’s Third Largest Fermentary calls Dandenong South Home (Talking Business Article December 2022)

Factory production line

There is growing popularity of the fizzy, fermented beverage, kombucha, which has led to a Victorian company expanding and building a fermantary site at 33 Endeavour Court in Dandenong South.

An idea that started at their kitchen bench, founders Sarah and Emmet Condon created Remedy Drinks, a business now successfully running for over ten years. Remedy is already a market leader in Australia and New Zealand and has its eyes set on expanding into the USA, UK, Canada and Asian markets.

Managing Director Chris Gillard said, “We are incredibly proud of how far Remedy has come from its kitchen bench origins, showing people that healthy drinks can also be tasty,” says Chris. “But we’re even more optimistic about the future – our big ambition is to continue converting more people into the joy of having a Remedy”. 

There is a growing demand for healthier drink options as consumers look to reduce their sugar intake. This positive forecast has seen the business make a huge investment into Dandenong South, with the construction of the new Remedy Fermentary. The $25 million dollar investment will provide the business with the ability for innovation, both within the Kombucha range and by creating new products. 

“We’re leading the way in making the best tasting, healthiest drinks going around, and the new Remedy Fermentary will allow us to deliver on the significant increases in demand forecast for the coming years as more and more consumers look to reduce their sugar intake and seek out healthier options” said Mr Gillard. “We are particularly excited about the opportunities the new Remedy Fermentary will provide for innovation, both within our kombucha range and in creating new products.” 

“R&D is one of Remedy’s priorities, and this facility will allow us to continue to deliver top-notch drinks and take all our new ideas for healthy, tasty drinks to the next level. Our latest innovation, Remedy Sodaly, is a 100 per cent natural, no-sugar, prebiotic soft drink that was developed to deliver a better take on the classic soft drink experience, without compromise. While some say you can’t have it all, we’re proving that wrong when it
comes to Remedy Sodaly.” 

The facility is an impressive 18,268 square metres, the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) oval. The move enables Remedy to consolidate production under one roof and streamline its supply chain, without compromising on quality or its traditional small batch brewing process. Impressively, the facility has been designed to target a 5 Green Star Australian Excellence rating. It has a 1.1 MW solar power system to reduce energy usage from the grid, rainwater harvesting for appropriate grey water use, and water-saving features.

Visit the Remedy website to learn more