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Springvale Activity Centre Structure Plan

Springvale Activity Centre Structure Plan Cover

The City of Greater Dandenong has prepared the Springvale Activity Centre Structure Plan 2017 which guides the future land use, development, growth potential and servicing for the Springvale Major Activity Centre for the next 20 years.

The plan sets out the key objectives and strategies to guide and facilitate development, land use, movement, public realm and open space improvements, strategic opportunities, economic and social planning, and sustainability outcomes.

A separate Action Plan lists the actions required to implement the Structure Plan.

The Springvale Activity Centre Structure Plan 2017 replaces the Springvale Activity Centre Structure Plan 2010 as a Reference Document in the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme through the Planning Scheme Amendment C203 'Springvale Major Activity Centre' process.

About the Springvale Activity Centre Structure Plan 2017

The Springvale Major Activity Centre is a popular and vibrant multicultural retail and commercial centre. It is well serviced with food, groceries and produce, restaurants and bakeries and has a growing health service precinct.

The centre contains and is within close proximity to primary and secondary schools, has a well-connected transport system and has a growing apartment market.

A significant amount of change has occurred in and around the Springvale Major Activity Centre in recent times including the removal of the Springvale Road level crossing and the associated redevelopment of the railway station and bus interchange.

Springvale has the potential to accommodate more intensive development and provide capacity for new higher density housing and commercial uses, providing housing and employment.

The level crossing removal has opened up the north and south of the centre for improved access and movement. The level crossing removal is considered the single most important change in the centre in the past five years and is seen as a catalyst for redevelopment and investment in the centre.

The Springvale Activity Centre Structure Plan 2017 provides Springvale Major Activity Centre with the policy framework and direction to ensure sustainable growth and development in the centre.

The Structure Plan aims to:

  • manage land use and encourage economic activity
  • achieve excellence in built form and urban design for new developments
  • encourage and promote alternative transport and movement options to the car
  • improve and increase its open space and public realm provisions

The Springvale Activity Centre Structure Plan 2017 is organised around 11 precincts and includes objectives and strategies that outline how the overall vision will be achieved in relation to the following four key themes:

  • Land use and economic activity
  • Built form and design
  • Transport and movement
  • Open space and public realm

Vision for Springvale

The Structure Plan provides a long term vision for the Springvale Major Activity Centre which will guide and manage future change in the area.

The vision for the future of Springvale is:

  • Springvale will build on its unique cultural and Asian food retailing strengths, business growth and local employment opportunities
  • Springvale will have greater housing choices and safer and more attractive streets
  • Springvale will ensure the design of new buildings is site-responsive, innovative and achieves environmentally sustainable design outcomes
  • Springvale will have a high degree of connectivity and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Springvale will have distinctive and safe green open spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy

For further information please contact Council's Strategic Planning department on 8571 1000 or email council@cgd.vic.gov.au