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Timelines - Aged and Disability Services Review

The timelines for Council's review into aged and disability services is below. 

11 September – 5 October 2023

  • Broad community consultation – includes pop ups, online and hard copy surveys, focus groups and interviews

25, 28 October and 11 November 2023

  • Community Panel sessions

November – December 2023

  • Executive Team and Council Briefing sessions

January – February 2024

  • Council Briefings

Monday 25 March 2024

  • Council considered this matter.  
    Noting the Commonwealth Government has deferred implementation of the major part of its reforms until July 2027, Council resolved to continue providing its current range of services. 
    Council will consider at some future time whether Greater Dandenong City Council will apply for provider status under the new Support at Home model of service delivery. 
    Council noted overwhelmingly consistent feedback that the Aged Care system can be difficult to understand and access. In response to this, Council will develop a business case for a new ‘Navigation and Support’ service.