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Buy Local Business Grants

Greater Dandenong businesses make a large contribution to the local economy and add to the vibrancy and strength to the community.

Council recently launched Round 2 of the Buy Local Business Grants Program.

Applications have now closed for this round, thank you to those that applied and took part in the business grant program.

About the Program

The Buy Local Business Grants Program provides support to the local business economy. The program is aimed at helping Greater Dandenong businesses strengthen their local networks and navigate the challenging economic times. Businesses that demonstrate how the grant will support their sustainability and growth will be eligible for funding through this program.

The grants program compliments the existing business support services provided by Council.

Important information about Round 2:

  • A limited number of grants up to $1,000, for professional services, are being offered to Greater Dandenong businesses, these businesses must be registered and physically located in the municipality.
  • The professional services must be delivered by suppliers who are registered and physically located within Greater Dandenong to ensure the grant funding supports the local economy. 
  • All application will be assessed and awarded once submitted.
  • Applications for round 2 have now closed. No further applications are being accepted.

Download the Buy Local Business Grants guidelines 2023-24 - 4MB


Business Grant Guidelines

What will be funded?

There are a wide range of projects and programs businesses can purchase. The following professional services will be considered eligible for the grant applications:

  • Accounting services such as those providing advice on business planning and strategies to assist the business (excluding GST or normal tax procedures). 
  • Legal services providing advice about new process or procedures to assist the business (excluding services associated with legal disputes). 
  • Marketing/social media services such as developing online marketing strategies or website design. 
  • Business planning services such as developing a business plan.
  • Human resources services such as providing staff training or recruitment services.
  • Safety, health and wellbeing services such as ergonomic assessments, assistance in complying with health and safety requirements, risk management plans or employee assistance programs. 
  • Investment in cybersecurity to protect your businesses from online malicious intent. 


Businesses must fulfil the following conditions to be eligible for funding:

  • Operating a business (for-profit or not-for-profit) with a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) and physically located within the City of Greater Dandenong.
  • A quote clearly stating your plan to purchase professional services from a Greater Dandenong supplier (for-profit or not-for-profit). The supplier quote must include their ABN to verify they are a local business registered and located within Greater Dandenong. 
  • The services businesses are planning to purchase must be new services which will assist your business to develop and grow. It cannot be used for existing services regularly purchased. 
  • The business applicant must hold all appropriate permits and licenses, for example building and planning permits; WorkSafe certificates; liquor licence; health permits and any other statutory permits or licences required for the business to be operating legally.
  • Services must be delivered from your nominated supplier by no later than 24 May 2024, to receive their grant payment from Council.

Ineligible applications

Applications from businesses will be deemed ineligible to apply for the grant if:

  • Applications include general business expenses, such as rent, salaries and wages, overheads, input/raw materials expenses, and utility usage costs.   
  • Businesses that have any ongoing legal claims or class actions against the business.
  • Businesses that have existing Council rates of residential and business addresses in arrears or any outstanding fines from Council.
  • Business that currently have an outstanding compliance matter with Council.
  • Applications which include political organisations or organisations deemed to have a political purpose. 
  • Applications from government departments or agencies.
  • Applications requesting to pay Council rates, rent, business loans and bonds will not be considered. 
  • Applications from businesses that are not physically located and trading within City of Greater Dandenong.

Supporting documents

To provide your idea or project the best possible chance of success, applications are required to submit the following documents:

  • Applicant contact details including trading address and business details, the registered Australian Business Number (ABN) and Business Trading Name (certificate).
  • An explanation of how the proposed services will assist your business (3-4 sentences).
  • A supplier quote which clearly states the proposal of work to be provided including:
    • Supplier's contact details 
    • Supplier’s registered business trading name
    • Supplier’s ABN number and bank details of the supplier.

Program Terms and Conditions

Applications are required to comply with the following terms and conditions:

  • Campaigning or lobbying of Councillors or Council employees is strictly prohibited and will result in the application being deemed ineligible.
  • There is a limited distribution of funds, once these are exhausted the grant program will close.
  • All funding decisions will be assessed by Council against the program criteria and decisions are final.
  • Council reserves the right to partially fund applications if they do not meet the full criteria. 
  • Council reserves the right not to pay any invoice that doesn’t appear to be for bona fide services.
  • Only one application per business can be submitted.
  • You must disclose any potential conflicts of interest with Council
    • A member of your immediate family being employed by Council.
    • Being related or having an interest in the proposed service provider.
    • Any disclosed conflict doesn’t necessarily make the application ineligible for a grant, it will assist Council to manage and identify these conflicts.
  • Council reserves the right to reject any application that:
    • are ineligible or does not meet the eligibility criteria.
    • appears to have inflated prices for the services provided.
    • appears to have created false documents or invoices.
    • unable to provide the relevant documentation. 
  • Once Council assesses the application outcome against grants guidelines and criteria, all decisions are final and cannot be overturned. 

Application process

  • Applications will be reviewed once a complete application is received by Council and assessed by an Assessment Panel. 
  • Only one application per business can be submitted.
  • Council reserves the right to request further information when considering applications. 
  • Council will pay your supplier directly once you have confirmed the work has been completed, grant funds will not be paid directly to the business applicant.
  • Incomplete applications will not be awarded funding. Council will contact the applicant requesting further information which must be provided within a three-week timeframe. If the requested information is not provided to complete the application, the submission will be deemed ineligible. 

Helpful hits

Here are some helpful hints to assist you with the application process:

When will applications close?

The program will close on 24 May 2024, if funds have been exhausted prior to this date the program will close effective immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted via Council’s website on the Business Grants page.

When can I apply?

Applications will open on Monday 27 November 2023.

There will be an “apply now” section once the program launches on Monday 27 November 2023. A form will generate for you to complete and provide the required information and documentation.

When will applications close?

The program will close on 24 May 2024, if funds have been exhausted prior to this date the program will close effective immediately. 

How will I know if the applications close early?

This information will be updated on Council’s website, Business Grants page, and Council’s social media if the program closes earlier than expected. 

How much funds are available for the program?

There is a set amount of funds allocated to the grants program, Council suggests applying early once applications are open to avoid missing out.

As there is a limited number of grants available, Council suggests preparing your application before the opening date. It is recommended to have all the necessary documentation ready to ensure your application process is seamless as possible. 

When will I know if I have been successful?

You will be notified whether your application was successful or not via your nominated email address within four weeks of the complete application being received. 

How will payments be made?

The payment process will be completed once all required documentation has been provided and accepted by Council. The payment process will include:

  • Payments will be made directly to your nominated supplier when the service has been provided.
  • The applicant will be asked to provide Council with a copy of the supplier's invoice for the services and any other evidence requested by Council. 
  • Invoices for services purchased before the applicants has been notified of the outcome of their application will not be accepted. 
  • Council will see confirmation from the applicant that the services set out in the invoice have been delivered.
  • When you have confirmed delivery, Council will pay the invoice of up to $1,000 as agreed. Please note, if the cost of the services is greater than $1,000, the applicant is responsible for paying the additional costs over $1,000. 
  • Council will only pay the nominated supplier the awarded amount agreed upon between the successful applicant and Council, as per their grant application. 

I have a question that isn’t listed here. How can I contact Council?

For business grants enquiries, please contact the Greater Dandenong Business Team via email or phone, 8571 1550.