6 Rabbits eating grass

Residential Animal Restrictions

Excess animals permits

To keep additional animals, you need to complete an application for an excess animal permit form.

Application for an Excess Animal Permit - 222KB

Consent of all adjoining neighbours is required. A local laws officer might visit your property or contact you for additional information.

  • Take your completed application form and all relevant documentation in person to a Council Customer Service Centre
  • Email to council@cgd.vic.gov.au
  • Return the completed application form and all relevant documentation to: 
    City of Greater Dandenong
    PO Box 200
Name Standard fee Pensioner fee Description
Excess animals permits $113.50 $56.75

The fee is for the lifetime of the animals on the permit; it does not need to be renewed annually.

Permit conditions

  • All animals must be kept in a clean and sanitary manner
  • Animals must not cause a nuisance or be offensive to your neighbours
  • May also have specific requirements about where and how animals are housed
Number of Animals allowed without a permit
Type Maximum number
Dogs 2
Cats 2
Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits or Rodents 8
Birds (all poultry, except roosters)* 20
Roosters** 0

A maximum of 5 birds is allowed on land that is less than 400 square metres in size.

**Roosters are prohibited under Greater Dandenong Local Law 2

Local Law No. 2 (General Local Law) - 324KB 

Changing the number of animals

If you need to increase the number of animals a new application for an excess animal permit needs to be completed.

Application for an Excess Animal Permit - 222KB

If the number of animals you have decreases you don't need to complete a new permit, simply contact Council's Customer Service so we can update your records.