Number 8 Car Park

'Number 8' Balmoral Avenue Multi-deck Car Park

Number 8 Car Park
Opening Times
Monday - Sunday: 7:00 am-11:00 pm

8 Balmoral Avenue multi-deck car park has more than 500 parking bays and is a great place to park for traders and visitors in Springvale. 

Parking at 8 Balmoral car park is ideally suited for people staying in Springvale for more than one hour. If you are working, shopping, having a meal or having a medical appointment; the multi-deck is centrally located and an ideal place to park.

The car park features:

  • Casual and permit parking areas
  • Wide parking bay section
  • Disabled parking
  • CCTV security surveillance
  • Public toilets
  • The Car Park can be accessed via Balmoral Avenue.

Parking at 8 Balmoral car park ensures on-street parking in busy locations like Buckingham Avenue will be available for customers and visitors staying for shorter periods.

Further upgrades to the car park are currently taking place to make it even better and safer.  You can read more about these further down the page.

Apply for a new permit

General and reserved permits can be purchased for 3, 6 and 12 months periods. 

Trader/Worker permits are now available but only for a limited tenure until 30 June 2023. General and Reserved permits have limited spaces. 

To apply for a permit, complete the application form and submit to Council by:

Renewals and change of details

To renew your permits contact Council on 8571 1000.

To make changes to your permit submit an email or present in-person to a Customer Service Centre.

Replacement for lost/missing/damaged permit

If you have lost your permit, you are required to complete the Statutory Declaration and pay a replacement fee.

Statutory Declaration - 226KB

Replacement fee

Fees are applicable for lost/missing permits.

Replacement Permit Fee: $10

There is no fee for damaged permits that can be handed into Customer Service. This is free of charge.


A $1.2 million upgrade to 'Number 8' Balmoral Avenue multi-deck car park is underway. 

Ramp upgrades

The works include changes to the ramps within the car park with additional entry and exit ramps to be installed on all levels to make it easier to drive around the car park. These will match the ramp upgrades completed on the lower floors of the car park.

Roller shutter

A new roller shutter has been installed on level 3 at ‘Number 8’ Balmoral Avenue multi-deck.  Until Easter 2024, this door will remain open and will not impact car park users.

Other upgrades

Council officers will continue to improve other parts of the car park including the installation of additional lighting and improvements to the electronic signage board that highlights parking availability. 

Council officers also regularly monitor traffic speeds and behaviour within the car park.

'number 8' Balmoral Avenue multi-deck car park rates

Name Standard fee Description
0 - 1 hour $1
1 - 2 hours $1.70
2 - 3 hours $3.40
3 - 4 hours $4.50
4 - 5 hours $8.90
5 - 6 hours $18.60

Daily Maximum

Early bird rate $4.50

Before 8.30am 

All Day

Free parking

Free parking

All day Sunday and Public Holidays

'number 8' Balmoral Avenue multi-deck car park permit

Name Standard fee
Reserved Permits - 3 month permit rate $333.75
Reserved Permits - 6 month permit rate $667.50
Reserved Permits - 1 year permit rate $1,335
General Permits - 3 month permit rate $267
General Permits - 6 month permit rate $535
General Permits - 1 year permit rate $1,070
Trader/Worker Permits - 1 year permit rate $215
8 Balmoral Ave, Springvale VIC 3171, Australia