Parkland with a tree with flowers in it.

Adopt a Park

The City of Greater Dandenong invites kindergartens and community groups to be part of our ‘Adopt a Park’ program.

What is the Adopt a Park program?

Parks are wonderful places to play and explore, meet new friends and enjoy the health benefits of being outdoors. The more parks are used and enjoyed by the local community the less they are vandalized, littered and used for anti-social purposes. 

If you sign up for the program you will:

  • Plant wildlife attracting plants with the assistance of Council staff while learning about our local native wildlife.
  • Make a pledge to take care to not litter and if you see litter placing it in the bins provided.
  • Make a pledge to let Council know about any vandalism or dumped rubbish in your park.

Benefits to Kindergartens and Community Groups

Parks are wonderful outdoor classrooms that provide a natural learning environment and ‘an alternative place to learn’ where children can be engaged in their environment and care for it. Learning how plants grow and the animals they attract and about environmental issues such as litter are fundamental lessons for young children.

Your efforts will be supported by Council with:

  • A consultation with a member of our Parks team
  • A planting activity at the approved local reserve
  • An environmental education session on one of the following topics, bird attracting gardens, lizard lounges, pollinator gardens or bush foods
  • 'Adopt a Park’ signage

To submit an Expression of Interest to be involved in the program, complete the form below. 

Adopt a Park Application Form


  • Children participating in a planting activity
    Children participating in a planting activity
  • Brown Thornbill (Credit- Irathbone, iNaturalist)
    Brown Thornbill (Credit- Irathbone, iNaturalist)
  • School children enjoying a planting activity
    School children enjoying a planting activity
  • Australian Painted Lady (Credit - ecoss, iNaturalist)
    Australian Painted Lady (Credit - ecoss, iNaturalist)