Dandy Pig insitu

The Dandy Pig

The Dandy Pig neon sign was first erected in the 1950s and was one of the first animated advertising signs in the region. The sign was a prominent local landmark for residents and people visiting and passing through the gateway suburb of Dandenong. The Dandy Pig signalled people’s arrival into the city and is fondly remembered by many people today.

The illuminated sign features a finely dressed Mr Pig in formal morning dress, doffing his top hat to welcome people to Dandenong. Originally part of a larger sign that incorporated the Gippsland Co-operative Bacon Curing Company logo, the Dandy Pig neon sign was located above the Dandy Bacon shop on the west side of Lonsdale Street (Princes Highway), facing traffic which crossed Foster Street from Gippsland. After the factory was closed in 1983, the sign was removed and placed into storage.

In 1993, the Dandy Pig sign was erected at the Dandenong Market in Clow Street, as acknowledgement of the sign’s iconic status. A few years later, minor conservation work was carried out and on 6 December 1996 the City of Greater Dandenong unveiled the refurbished sign at the market.

Between 2005 and 2010, the Dandenong Market underwent a $26 million redevelopment and the Dandy Pig illuminated sign was again taken down and safely placed in storage.

On 30 August 2013, City of Greater Dandenong officially celebrated the re-instatement of the Dandy Pig illuminated sign at the Dandenong Market, as an acknowledgement of the sign’s social, cultural and historical significance in Greater Dandenong.

In 2015, the Dandy Pig was immortalised in stamp form as part of a limited edition commemorative 'Sign of the Times' stamp collection released by Australia Post.

For more information on the Dandy Pig and its history:

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