Interpretive Signs

Interpretive Signs

The Interpretive signage program is meeting a fundamental human desire to connect people meaningfully with their place in its three activity centres, Dandenong Springvale and Noble Park. 

Interpretive signs tell the stories of significant people, buildings and landscapes engage viewers through text and image; encouraging an emotive connection; creating a point of interest and enhancing the experience of the place. 


Council believes our places should be loved by its community and meet the needs of people no matter their age, cultural background, gender or economic status.

The Interpretive signs are part of an ongoing place making program to influence the way public places are understood by residents and visitors.  Local narratives and stories of the place contribute to the cultural landscape and foster a sense of identity and pride in the community.


With a bold design developed by Heine Jones, a leading Melbourne design consultancy, the signs have been steadily rolled out since 2012 forming a trail of significant sites and stories.

Their striking format is easily recognisable. They feature a brief story, an image and hero words that reach from the end of the sign, making them identifiable from a distance.