Lorenzo Modica

Lorenzo Modica
Living Treasure

Arriving in Australia with his family in 1953 as a 17-year-old Sicilian, Lorenzo Modica proved the ideals of hard work, positive thinking and a generous heart. 

He began two jobs the day after he arrived in Australia, working as a storeman, market gardener, music teacher (and student) and postman. He opened his own real estate agency in 1975 and with his wife Carmela, ran the Modica Travel Agency. 

Lorenzo married Carmela in 1965 and they have three children and seven grandchildren. Both Lorenzo and Carmela had a good grasp of English and were always being asked for assistance in preparing legal documentation such as tax returns. 

In 1967 he became a Commissioner for Affidavits and in 1977, a Justice of the Peace. 
It was his enthusiasm and positive thinking that has made him one of the leading members of the Italian community. 

His wife Carmela credited him as being a visionary, on many occasions identifying and supporting the capabilities of people in the community. His vision and support have encouraged many friends and colleagues to make the most of their opportunities. 

With three children to raise and two businesses to run, Lorenzo never stopped working. However, nothing ever stopped he and his wife from achieving their goals. All it meant was hard work, understanding and being able to communicate with people. 

Lorenzo had continued membership and support of many Italian social clubs. Lorenzo believed these social clubs are an essential part of Italian communities and one of the things that keeps the Italians in high spirits; providing a great way of getting together and keeping in touch with friends. Lorenzo instigated many social activities, provided committee support and donated raffle prizes. 

Lorenzo’s strong sense of community, his enduring commitment and loyalty was a benefit to many people. His altruism and gregarious nature stem from this sense of community. Quite simply, Lorenzo was happy and smiling when he is in the company of friends.