Valmont David Wilson

Valmont David Wilson
Living Treasure

Val was born in Boort, Victoria on the 20th of December 1931. He was the eldest of seven children, born to David and Julienne Wilson. 

Val’s father emigrated from a coal-mining town in Scotland and settled on a mixed farm in the Mallee, in the 1930’s. During World War Two, Val and his family moved to Springvale, to join his grandparents on a market garden. At eleven, he went to Springvale State School followed by nearly five years at Dandenong High School.

Leaving school at sixteen, Val went to work for the Dandenong State Electricity Commission. In 1956, Val married Norma and they had two children.
He spent nearly twenty-five years in Dandenong before he was promoted to the head office in Melbourne, to work in customer service. 

He retired after almost forty years working with the Commission. At fifty-five, Val chose to volunteer his services to the community. “I felt that God had things that he would like me to do, which if I had the time I could do.”

When he left work, Val’s local church, the Church of Christ was looking for an Elder, to support the minister and help with the spiritual needs of the congregation. He was then asked to become the Treasurer for the Churches of Christ Overseas Mission. 

Val also volunteered in other roles which include Treasurer of the Sandown Park Kindergarten, Honorary chaplain for the Southern Cross and H.L Williams Court aged care facilities.  In his chaplaincy he conducted Ecumenical services, memorial services and hospital visitations for elderly residents.

During his retirement Val and his wife Norma ran a playgroup in the church hall for over forty pre-school children. This provided a meeting place for parents and grandparents from many different nationalities. 

It was Val’s strong faith, which supported his voluntary works for the City of Greater Dandenong. While many people retire and see this as an ending, Val saw retirement as a new beginning, an opportunity to help others who were less fortunate. It was the quiet dedication of people like Val, which supports the fabric of our community.