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SEBN Groups and Roundtables

Few organisations allow you to leverage the positive impact of collaborative networking as effectively as SEBN does. We have been enabling the sharing of ideas for the region's manufacturing sector for over 20 years.

Our business groups and roundtables are offered free of charge.

We offer:

  • an innovative approach to networking and leveraged learning models specifically for the region’s manufacturing sector
  • regular meetings throughout the year - open to small, medium and large businesses
  • a chance to hear keynote speakers and participate in practical demonstrations, workshops and site visits
  • an open and ‘user-friendly’ environment that fosters interaction and connectivity between participants and encourages exchange of knowledge and resources
  • opportunity to involve different personnel in appropriate groups
  • conduit to service providers / government agencies / specialist expertise.

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SEBN Christmas Industry Breakfast 

SEBN hosts a fantastic Christmas event each year. Open to all SEBN network groups, this breakfast features a keynote speaker, lavish breakfast and fun business atmosphere. One of our recent Christmas keynote speakers was Simon Waller, who spoke about 'How Technology Will Make Us Better People'.

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Business Groups and Roundtables

Manufacturing Leadership

Monthly Meetings

Targeting CEOs and senior staff, the focus is on leadership and management perspectives. The group looks at current issues impacting the manufacturing sector and those issues set to impact the sector in the future. Through a combination of discussion and presentation, issues raised in this group are frequently a catalyst for further activities and workshops.

CEO Mentoring Program (Partnership with Burke Corporate Advisory)

Quarterly meetings
Time: 12pm–4pm Thursdays

Learn from experienced peers, best practice examples of what works for them. A combination of discussion and presentation, Mike Burke delivers practical workshops that address topical leadership issues. Acquire, implement and retain new skills, develop strategies and receive ongoing support. Provides access to a wide range of practical tools.

This is a fee-for-service program

South East Quality Network (SEQN)

Monthly meetings

With a focus on manufacturing, SEQN is open to various business sectors. The network addresses Continuous Improvement models and quality standards across all business principles. SEQN is a Quality, Environment and Sustainability journey incorporating presentations, discussions and case studies.


Enables current and potential exporters to share experiences, knowledge and resources; gain valuable and up-to-date information from relevant presenters, including overseas visitors / global experts. Improve your competitive advantage by gaining a greater understanding of how to do business in a global environment and access global supply chains.

Developing Young Leaders (Under 40s)

Monthly Meetings

With a focus on young managers / future leaders across various business sectors, this network provides an opportunity to collaborate with and learn from peers. Expert facilitators provide industry knowledge and tools to develop the leadership and broader business skills of participants.

Workplace Health and Safety Network

Monthly Meetings

Designed for OH&S practitioners at all levels, this group addresses planning, compliance, culture and ‘best practice’ incorporating presentations and discussion. Participants are exposed to new ideas and trends and are encouraged to share resources and workshop solutions.

Manufacturing Excellence (Operations-focused)

Monthly meetings

Common interest network for companies already adopting lean and green practices and wishing to continue a serious commitment to shop-floor excellence. Facilitating interaction and collaboration between participants, the network provides practitioners with the opportunity to explore new ideas and tools. Incorporates visits to ‘best practice’ companies and provides exposure to global trends and ideas.