Guest speaker Samantha Gash at the 2018 International Women's Day event

SEBN Women in Business

SEBN (South East Business Networks) has been supporting women in business since 1999 and as their role and influence in business increases, so does the demand for relevant support.

Whilst the opportunities for women in business are more diverse than ever – so are the challenges, no matter what role they are in.

Offering a suite of activities that change according to demand, SEBN provides an environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge and expertise, supports the professional development of women and in turn increases personal confidence.

Key activities

Women in business (WIB) network group

The WIB network group meets regularly to explore a diverse range of topics – from small business issues to the corporate environment. This group supports all women in the workplace and encourages a mentoring approach to each other and to the disadvantaged and young women in the community.

Contact if you are interested.

'Showcasing Women In Business' public events

This popular business breakfast or luncheon brings together women from all walks of business life. A regular event, SEBN believes it is as important for women to share their success as it is to celebrate it.

Showcasing Women in Business features keynote speakers who have achieved in their chosen career. We welcome all genders to these events.