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Council's Position on Deep Fryers in Council-Owned Sporting Facilities

Dandenong Civic Centre

Council recognises the important contribution that local sporting clubs make to the Greater Dandenong community, and that canteens provide those clubs with an important source of revenue. 

Council has not banned deep fried foods, or any type of food, at sports clubs.  

Clubs may use in-built deep fryers currently in the kitchens of Council-owned sporting facilities.   

Benchtop deep fryers can present a risk to the personal safety of users and the environment. Since October 2023, Council’s sports hire agreements have required completion of a Safety Plan and Risk Assessment for clubs wishing to use bench top deep fryers.  

Any new kitchen upgrades are done in consultation with groups who use the venues and are informed by the Victorian Government's Healthy Choices in Sport and Recreation Facilities Guidelines. One option is installation of air fryers rather than deep fryers. 

Council staff are available to help clubs review and improve their canteen menus to provide healthier options in partnership with Monash Health and the Vic Kids Eat Well program.  

Clubs are encouraged to contact Council’s Sport and Recreation Team on 8571 1000 for further assistance.