Cr Eden Foster

Cr Eden Foster - Yarraman Ward (Council News Article July 2021)

Cr Eden Foster - Yarraman Ward

Hemmings Street car park improvements are coming along nicely. Works include new tree planting to provide more shade and new garden bed areas with low shrubs and ground covers to improve the visual amenity. This project is the next stage of the streetscape improvement works to the Hemmings Street Shopping Centre. 

During Refugee Week last month, thousands of individuals, families, and organisations united to show their support and solidarity for refugees and people seeking asylum who have and continue to be mistreated by our nation’s immigration policies. Amongst the many passionate participants involved was Greater Dandenong City Council, proudly representing the Local Government Mayoral Taskforce Supporting People Seeking Asylum. 

Council’s Youth Services COVID-19 research project showed that recovery will be a complex and long-term proposition. Through hearing from young people and parents or carers, it is evident that community issues within Greater Dandenong prior to COVID-19 have been further compounded by the pandemic. These include education and employment, mental health, social isolation and the settlement experiences of newly arrived migrants. We know that some cohorts of young people were more adversely impacted, including students transitioning from grade 6 to year 7, international students and newly arrived young people. 

Council is already responding to these concerns. Later this year, we’ll be hosting an employment ‘boot camp’ – a special one day event to help build youth job seeking skills. Youth and Family Services are working with a diverse and creative group of young people to create a youth-led awareness campaign. The group will be promoting tips for staying social and celebrating special events in a COVID safe way. 

We also want to recognise and celebrate how resilient young people were in 2020. Council received 60 nominations for this year’s Youth Showcase and we look forward to celebrating with these young people later in the year. 

In May, Council celebrated National Volunteer Week to honour the amazing and selfless efforts of the wonderful volunteers who make such a positive difference in Greater Dandenong. Though 2020 saw most of our volunteering activities suspended due to COVID-19, it is commendable how our volunteers were ready and willing to resume roles. If you aren’t already involved in a voluntary organisation maybe now is the time to consider it, because when you give a little you gain a lot.