Councillor Rhonda Garad and another lady stand in front of a young child playing at a playground.

Cr Rhonda Garad, Keysborough South Ward (Council News February 2024)

Councillor Rhonda Garad and another lady stand in front of a young child playing at a playground.

Progress and Priorities in Keysborough South Ward

As your councillor for Keysborough South Ward, I am dedicated to addressing the community’s most pressing issues.  A major concern for many has been the offensive odour pervading our area. After three years and nearly 200 complaints, I’m pleased to report that the EPA is taking decisive action. They are installing monitors in homes to track the odour’s origin and its health impacts. Rest assured, I will keep pushing for ongoing air quality monitoring within the industrial zone to ensure safety standards are met. 

In environmental news, we’ve achieved a significant milestone with the passage of a new law to protect trees on private property. This is a crucial development in safeguarding our large trees, vital for mitigating extreme heat and enhancing our environment’s health. Many of you have expressed how much you value a beautiful and healthy living environment, and this law aligns perfectly with those values. 

Addressing traffic congestion at Keysborough Gardens Primary School is another priority. In collaboration with local member Tim Richardson and the school’s leadership, we are working to enhance student safety and improve traffic flow. These efforts will benefit not only the school but also nearby residents, easing driveway access and encouraging safer pedestrian paths.

Exciting developments are underway with the Community Hub on Villiers Rd. Construction is set to start this February, with opportunities for community involvement in the advisory group next year. This hub is a key step in enhancing our community facilities and services. 

I thank you for your ongoing support and welcome your ideas as we continue to improve Keysborough South Ward. Let’s keep working together for a better community. 

If you would like to contact me you can phone me on 0435 107 584, email or find me on Facebook at RhondaGarad4KeysboroughSouthWard