Dandenong civic centre building

Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme Notice of Development Contributions Adjustment DCPO1, DCPO2 & DCPO3

Dandenong civic centre building

In accordance with the Dandenong South Industrial Area Extension and the Keysborough South Development Contributions Plans, the development contributions rates have been indexed as of 1 July 2022 as follows:

Developer Contributions Plan Overlay (DCPO) Contributions Rate
DCPO1 Keysborough Residential area - Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) $489.34 (per dwelling)
DCPO1 Keysborough Residential area – Development Infrastructure Levy (DIL) $292,690.01 (per hectare)
DCPO2 Keysborough Industrial area – Development Infrastructure Levy (DIL) $8.21 (per square metre)
DCPO3 Lyndhurst Industrial area – Development Infrastructure Levy (DIL) $25.39 (per square metre)

A copy of the Developer Contributions Reports can be inspected free of charge, during office hours, at the offices of the Greater Dandenong City Council, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong.

Jane Brodie
Co-ordinator Strategic, Design & Sustainability Planning