Councillor Rhonda Garad

Keysborough South Ward Cr Rhonda Garad (Council News Article March 2023)

Councillor Rhonda Garad

It is wonderful to see so many residents in Keysborough South out enjoying the parks. Many people have told me how great the new public toilets in Westwood Boulevard and Pencil Park have been. 

We are starting to get the benefits of sun and wind protection from the extensive tree plantings in Westwood, Pencil Park and the dog parks in Villiers Road. There will soon be the addition of a wet water play area added to Westwood Boulevard Park, surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Many people have asked for more shading over the play areas in the parks, so I am pushing for this in the next budget round.

Big congratulations to the volunteers who put on the extremely successful second Keysie Market. Many people contributed to this wonderful event held in the Springers car park, but I wanted to name a few that really contributed greatly. Big thanks to Shirlene Allison, Dhani Chandra, Jacqui Caruso, Kerri Manias, Simone Black, Graham Don Paul and Kenan Kurudžija. Thank you for your efforts.

The dog parks are being well used and I want to send a shout out to the residents who are doing a great job in caring for these parks and creating a very welcoming space for everyone. Thank you to Scott Emmi and Rob Barci who have gone above and beyond in caring for the trees, ensuring there is water for the dogs, and being all round great citizens.
Stage three of the Insect Park development continues.

Also, you may be aware that extensive road works will commence in Perry Road near the industrial area. After consultation, and in order to stop traffic redirecting to Keys Road, we will put a temporary roadblock in as this was not designed to carry large volumes of traffic previously. 

Please feel free to contact me on email at, via my Facebook page or phone 0435 107 584.