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Our Bright Green Future at the 2023 Children's Forum

Team members from Waste Education presenting to students at the 2023 Children's Forum

Council's Waste Education team received a lot of great input from students attending the annual Children’s Forum. Student's discussed litter in the places they live, love and play and wrote their own Keep it Clean messages to share with the community.

Here are some of their thoughts on litter:

  • “We live, we love, we don’t litter!”
  • “Stop the pollution – We’re the solution!”   
  • “You’re a quitter if you don’t pick up your litter!”
  • “Hey you, what do you think you’re doing? Stop being lazy- put it in the bin”

The Sustainability team invited students to design their own Climate Change Superhero who will help the Greater Dandenong community. Students designed everything from their name, eco-powers, superhero tagline, goals and what their cape would look like. One excellent student submission was:

Name: Metro Woman
Age and habitat: 16 and living in the city
Super-power: Powering trains by her mind
Superhero tagline: I’m going to help the environment by making people use trains instead of cars to stop pollution.
Why they became a superhero: She saw the pollution from cars and decided to change this.