sandown aerial map

Planning Scheme Amendment C229gdan - Sandown Racecourse

sandown aerial map

Melbourne Racing Club (MRC) has prepared draft Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme Amendment C229gdan.

The Amendment applies to the Sandown Racecourse, 591-659 Princes Highway, Springvale.

The proposal seeks to enable the redevelopment of the land for predominantly residential use, including approximately 7,500 homes, supported by community facilities, open space and commercial and retail uses.

The Minister for Planning is the planning authority exhibiting the Amendment.

The Minister for Planning has decided to progress the draft planning scheme amendment to facilitate the proposal through a process led by the state government.

The Minister for Planning has established the Sandown Racecourse Advisory Committee to provide advice about the proposal, and to consider any public submissions made, before the Minister decides whether to approve a planning scheme amendment.

Council is a key stakeholder and will participate in the Committee process.

However, Council is not leading the draft planning scheme amendment process.

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