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Record Performance Rating for Council

customer service desk at civic centre office

Greater Dandenong City Council has once again achieved a record performance rating as part of its annual customer satisfaction survey of residents.

Now in its 22nd year, the Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey assesses Council’s performance across a range of measures and compares its results to a group of metropolitan Council’s as well as the state-wide average.

Council achieved an overall performance score of 68 which was one point higher than the metropolitan average and seven points higher than the state-wide average.

This year Council scored highest in the area of customer service (74) compared to the state-wide average of 70.

The survey results also found that

  • Greater Dandenong residents identified diversity as the best thing about our community, closely followed by parks and gardens, library services and facilities, community support services and recreational and sporting facilities
  • The top performing areas for Council were waste management (75) and sealed local roads (69)
  • 79 per cent of residents surveyed are concerned about climate change and 67 per cent believe that it is extremely or very important for Council to respond to its impacts
  • Residents scored community consultation a 60, compared to a metropolitan average of 59 and a state-wide average of 56
  • Overall Council direction scored 62, compared to the state-wide average of 53 points.

Read the full report here.

Survey Result Summary

Performance Measure

Greater Dandenong Council

Metro average

State-wide average

Overall performance 68 67 61
Community consultation(community consultation and engagement) 60 59 56
Value for money 66 62 54
Making community decisions (decisions made in the interests of the community) 63 61 56
Sealed local roads (conditions of sealed roads) 69 68 67
Customer service 74 74 70
Overall Council direction 62 55 53