Springvale Community Hub

Springvale Community Hub Receives Architectural Award

Springvale Community Hub

Springvale Community Hub is living up to its promise of becoming the new community heart of Springvale.

The new building has been welcomed by the community and is also attracting the attention of industry leaders in design, public architecture and sustainability.

Springvale Community Hub recently received the William Wardell Award for Public Architecture and Award for Urban Design in the 2021 Victorian Architectural Awards.

The hub was also nominated for the Sustainability Architecture Award and the Melbourne Prize.

Greater Dandenong Mayor Angela Long said it was pleasing to see the site being recognised for its state-of-the art and eye-catching design.

Hospital Remembered

Do you know that Springvale’s first hospital has evolved into a unique community health service? Now, new interpretive signage helps passersby share in the experience. Greater Dandenong City Council unveiled a new interpretive sign to mark the location of Springvale’s first hospital. Standing at 3-metres high, the towering Community Hospital Interpretive Sign shares the story of Springvale’s unique community health services. 

Located along Buckingham Ave, in front of Monash Health Springvale, the sign acknowledges the significant contribution the hospital and health centre have made in delivering innovative health care and services for Springvale.

The Springvale Community Hospital Interpretive Sign is the latest interpretive sign for the City of Greater Dandenong’s activity centres and forms part of an ongoing place making program across Springvale, Noble Park and central Dandenong which aims to share local narratives and stories of key locations across these areas.

The project is funded through the Business and Revitalisation team of Greater Dandenong City Council.

Mayor Angela Long said the sign aims to share the story of Springvale’s first hospital and its evolution into a unique community health service. “It is a striking design featuring a brief story, historic image and hero words laser cut into the top of the sign making it unique and identifiable from a distance. It’s a brilliant structure which pays homage to the history of the site.” said Cr Long.