Filming in Greater Dandenong

The City of Greater Dandenong is a film friendly municipality, and we are here to help make your next filming activity a success. We are proud to support a vibrant and professional film and television industry and the opportunities it brings to businesses and the broader community.

We have many years’ experience playing host to notable feature films, documentaries, television series and television commercials and are proud to facilitate a growing number of productions that choose to locate their filming in Greater Dandenong

Applying to film in Greater Dandenong

If you are planning to film or photograph on public land in Greater Dandenong and you are a student, community member or not-for-profit production please complete the following link.

Please allow a week for a response.

Apply Here

For commercial filming we often require more information such as a site plan and risk management plan if relevant. If you do not need to divert or stop pedestrians or traffic then a permit will generally not be required. If your filming will require traffic to be diverted or a road to be closed, please also complete a road closure permit application form and attach with your email.

Occupation of Road Permit