Footpath Activity

Trading in Greater Dandenong

There are often permits, licences and local laws that need to be obtained and followed in order to sell products within a council area. 

We have a range of local laws within Greater Dandenong that require you to have a permit for any footpath activity within the municipality. You'll find several of these listed below. 

If you answer 'yes' to any of the following questions, it is likely that you will need to apply for one or more permits. 

  • Are you planning on placing chairs and table, an A-frame sign, display of good on the footpath?
  • Are you planning on playing, singing or entertaining on council land?
  • Are you planning on selling goods on Council land?

Busking Permit

Name Standard fee Pensioner fee Description
Busking Permit $25 $12.25

Any 4 dates in calendar month

Footpath Trading Permit

Name Standard fee Description
Outdoor Dining Tables $270.50

Per Table Per Year.

Goods Displaying Merchandise $270.50

Per Year.

Advertising Signs $288.50


Advertising Signs (Short Term) $26.50

Maximum 7 Days - Per Day Cost.

Advertising Signs - Real Estate $319.50


Itinerant Trading Permit

Name Standard fee Description
Itinerant Trading Permit $3,000.00

Mobile only


Apply for a Liquor Licensing Permit

Alcohol in public places

Drinking alcohol is not permitted in public places.

The drinking of alcohol in public places is regulated by Council's Local Laws Department and enforced by Victoria Police. Visit the Victoria Police website for more information.

Liquor Licenses 

Businesses wanting to sell alcohol need to lodge an application with the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. Event organisers wishing to supply or allow alcohol should also contact Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Check with the Planning Department before lodging the application. Depending on the type of licence proposed, a planning permit, or a letter advising a planning permit is not required, might be needed.

Apply for a Footpath Trading Permit

Traditionally footpaths were designed for pedestrian traffic. More recently a move by businesses to increase trading opportunities has seen footpaths used for the display of goods, advertising signs and outdoor eating.

The City of Greater Dandenong understands the immense impact COVID-19 has had on the hospitality sector and that local businesses are facing unique challenges. Find out more about State Government grants for outdoor dining.

The City of Greater Dandenong supports footpath Activity so long as it adds to the vibrancy and diversity of the city’s strip shopping centres and other business activity areas. However, Council is also mindful of the need to balance the push by businesses for increased trading opportunities with the safety of pedestrians.

Is a permit required?

A permit must be obtained from Council for all footpath activity, including:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Umbrellas
  • Heaters
  • Advertising signs (A-frame signs)
  • Goods
  • Windbreaks

Please note: A-frame advertising signs and goods displays are not permitted in the Dandenong central business district (map below).

Dandenong central business district  map

Applying for a permit online

Apply Here

Applicants need to complete an application form.

All permits expire 12 months from the date of issue, unless otherwise specified on the permit.

Short term permits are available for a maximum of seven days.

Permit conditions

A range of conditions and performance standards apply to footpath activity. For more information contact Council.

Apply for an Itinerant Trading Permit

Is a permit required?

The City of Greater Dandenong may consider Itinerant Trading within the municipality.  

Complete an Itinerant Trading Application form for more information. 

Stalls selling food on council land

1. Requires a Itinerant Trading permit, and

2. A registration under the Food Act is required. Visit the Temporary and Mobile Food Operators page for more information.

Stalls cooking food and giving it away for free on council land

If the stall is set up on the footpath it requires a Itinerant Trading permit. 

Stalls selling food on private property (eg. outside Bunnings)

A Itinerant Trading permit not required, but a registration under the Food Act is required. Visit the Temporary and Mobile Food Operators page for more information.

Applying for an Itinerant Trading Permit

If a Itinerant Trading permit is required, complete the application for a street trading permit.

Apply Here

Fees may apply.

When submitting an application, the applicant must attach proof of a $20 million public liability insurance cover indemnifying Council against any possible claims arising from the activity. The Insurance Policy should be in joint names with the Council or show the City of Greater Dandenong as an interested third party.

Permit conditions

  • Barbeques must be under adult supervision at all times
  • Each operator must wear a clean washable apron
  • All food stalls must have a hand wash area set up with liquid soap and paper towelling
  • All stalls must be enclosed or alternatively the food must be protected from contamination
  • All potentially hazardous foods must be kept at the correct temperature i.e. below 5°C or above 60°C
  • Tongs or disposable gloves must be used when handling food
  • Potentially hazardous foods must be transported at the correct temperatures
  • All food must be kept above ground level

More conditions may apply.

Apply for a Busking Permit

Busking includes any of the following activities:

  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Singing
  • Giving a recitation
  • Performing magic, juggling, music, puppetry or dance
  • Drawing a message, picture
  • Performing any other form of entertainment on a road or in a public place

Busking at the Dandenong Market is not permitted

Busking is not permitted at the Dandenong Market or around the adjoining streets to the Market.

Is a permit required?

A permit is required for all forms of busking. Busking in the form of singing or playing a non-amplified musical instrument will also require a permit/permission from council , subject to permit conditions.

Applying for a Busking permit

If a Busking permit is required, an application for a busking permit form must be completed.

Apply Here

Fees apply.

When submitting an application for busking, the applicant must attach proof of a $10 million public liability insurance cover indemnifying Council against any possible claims arising from the activity.

Permits issues are only valid for four dates within any 30 day period.

Busking conditions

The following conditions apply to buskers:

  • Must obtain written consent from the proprietor of the business outside which they intend to busk
  • Are not to cause annoyance or obstruction to persons or traffic
  • Are not to obstruct doorways of other entrances
  • Must cease the activity immediately when requested by the business proprietor or an authorised council officer
  • Are not to busk in the one location for more than two consecutive days
  • Are not to use electronic amplification equipment, unless they hold a permit that states this is allowed
  • If holding a busking permit, it must be presented upon request

More condition may apply.

Apply for a Second Hand Dealership

To operate a second hand dealership, a license must be obtained from the Department of Justice.

 Visit the Department of Justice website.

Apply for Highway Collection Consent

A highway collection consent is a legal requirement to be obtained by applicants wishing to collect money on Victorian roads. See Section 32 in the Road Safety (Traffic Management) Regulations 2019.

An organisation may conduct 50 collections per calendar year (each intersection is counted as one collection).

Collections may only be conducted at intersections where lights control the flow of traffic and where the road speed limit is less than 70km.

To obtain a highway collection consent, a highway collection application form must be completed in full and submitted to the Victoria Police two months prior to the collection date.

Victoria Police

Application forms must be submitted with Council approval and a relevant certificate of insurance for the date of collection.

Any intersection on the borders of more than one council boundary must submit approval from both councils.

Please complete this application of consent with all appropriate fields completed. 

Apply To Council

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