assorted liquid waste bottles

Statement regarding a new facility to recycle hazardous waste in Dandenong

assorted liquid waste bottles

Greater Dandenong City Council wishes to clarify some points in relation to an announcement made on 10 January by the Victorian State Government regarding the establishment of a new facility in Dandenong South that will recycle hazardous liquid waste.

This announcement relates to a grant that has been provided to a Dandenong South business by Sustainability Victoria (SV) for the treatment of hazardous liquid wastes.

At this stage the recipient firm has not yet made application to the City of Greater Dandenong for a Planning Permit and they understand that this is a statutory requirement and process to be completed.

It’s important to note that even though a grant has been awarded, this does not presume that a planning permit will be.

When and if a planning permit application for this facility is submitted, Council will undertake a very comprehensive assessment of it. At this stage, according to the SV media release the facility is scheduled (if approved) to be operational by 2024. Council will seek to engage with SV as soon as possible to get a more comprehensive understanding of their position.