Children hands with plastic bottles and cans on wooden table

Container Deposit Scheme

Victoria’s Container Deposit scheme has started. The scheme will reward people with a 10-cent refund for every eligible can, carton and bottle they return.

A reverse vending machine has been installed at Dandenong Market which will be a new refund return point as part of the scheme. 

CDS Vic will provide shared benefits to the community, environment and economy by delivering:

  • more and better recycling
  • less waste - old containers become new ones
  • less litter - cut by up to half
  • hundreds of new jobs and economic opportunities across Victoria
  • a cleaner, greener state.

Read more about the container deposit scheme. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


When will the scheme start?

The scheme and this refund point commences 1 November. From 7am you can begin making your deposits.

What will be accepted in the CDS?

The reverse vending machine will accept containers that are often consumed away from home. This includes plastic soft drink bottles, glass beer bottles, soft drinks and alcohol sold in cans and small fruit juice cartons.

A complete list of eligible containers can be found in the Container Deposit Scheme Regulations.

Eligible containers include:

  • Non-concentrated fruit or vegetable juice
  • Flavoured milk
  • Beer
  • Soft drink
  • Mixed spirits

Ineligible containers include:

  • Glass wine bottles
  • Glass spirit bottles
  • Juice bottles 1 litre and over
  • Cordial bottles
  • Milk (other than flavoured milk)
  • Concentrated fruit or vegetable juice
  • Health tonics

What happens if I bring bottles that are not accepted?

Ineligible containers will not be accepted by the RVM as they are not eligible for a refund under the scheme. We ask you do not knowingly attempt to return ineligible containers. You can continue to recycle these ineligible containers through your household recycling bin.

Will someone be able to assist me onsite?

Staff will be onsite to assist for the first few weeks, or you can phone 1300 237 010.

Where can I find more information?

This page will be updated before the scheme launches, and you can find more information on the Container Deposit Scheme website.

Visit the Container Deposit Scheme website.