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Soft Plastic Recycling

Residents can recycle their soft plastics at conveniently located drop off points.

If you can scrunch the plastic into a ball, it can be recycled.

Soft plastics that are accepted include: 

  • Plastic bags
  • Bread bags
  • Pasta and rice bags
  • Chip packets
  • Veggie produce bags
  • Frozen food bags

Please make sure soft plastics are clean before you drop them off. See below a full list of what is accepted and what is not.

Drop-off locations

Soft Plastic drop-off points are located at:

Look for the bright orange bin.

Soft plastic accepted for recycling

Is it plastic? Can you scrunch it into a ball?

We can accept most types of soft plastic for recycling. Please check the list below for full details.

´╗┐Yes please No thanks
Plastic bags Plastic bottles
Bread bags Plastic containers
Pasta and rice bags Plastic biscuit trays, fruit punnets or meat trays
Biscuit packets (outside wrapper only) Glass
Confectionery bags Metal cans
Chip packets Aluminium cans
Cereal bags Paper and cardboard
Veggie produce bags Food waste
Frozen food and veggie bags Household rubbish and litter
Bubble wrap (clear only)

Frequently Asked Questions 


Where can I drop off my soft plastics for recycling?

Soft Plastic recycling bins are conveniently located in Springvale, Dandenong, Noble Park and Keysborough. See venues under related pages on this page, or in the list above.

What type of soft plastic is acceptable for recycling?

You can recycle most types of soft plastic.  If you can scrunch the plastic into a ball, then it can be placed in soft plastic recycling bin.  See full list above.


Do you accept other types of plastic, such as plastic bottles at these drop off points?

Only soft plastics are accepted at the drop off points. You can put hard plastic items like water bottles and take away containers in your regular recycling bin.

Do you accept coloured or printed soft plastics as well as clear soft plastic?

Yes, we accept most coloured and printed soft plastic.

Do soft plastics need to be washed?

Soft plastics need to be free of food or other materials. You do not need to wash your soft plastics; but they should be clean and dry.

Do stickers need to be removed from the soft plastic?

A small amount of paper stickers is acceptable.

How much soft plastic can I drop off?

Residents can drop off their household soft plastics. We are not able to collect commercial quantities of soft plastic.

What happens to the soft plastics that I recycle?

The soft plastics will be processed by APR Plastics into liquid form.  This is used as a raw material to produce plastic products or fuels.  

How often will the soft plastics be collected from the drop off points?

Soft plastics be collected weekly from the drop off points.