Adornment Mural by Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran

Public Art

Council's commitment to public art is visible by its diverse and dynamic collection. Since 1985, over $2 million has been invested in more than 100 public art installations across the municipality.

Greater Dandenong public art collection features permanent and temporary installations that invite locals and visitors to engage with and reinterpret their environment in new and challenging ways.

Many of the artworks have received industry awards, national media exposure and been accepted into state collections.

As a leader in public art practice, the collection celebrates local identity, character and cultural diversity. 

For more information, visit our Public Art Policy page.

Plaques, Memorials and Interpretive Signage

Plaques, memorials and interpretive signs enrich our public spaces. They are a way to record, reflect on and celebrate history, heritage and community achievements.

Council’s Plaques, Memorials and Interpretive Signage Policy outlines how requests for plaques, memorials and interpretive signs on Council owned or managed land are considered. The policy also informs how we manage and maintain these assets. 

To make an application for a new plaque, memorial or sign, please submit your application online below.

For funding options visit our Community Grants and Funding page. If you need assistance with your application, please contact our Public Art Projects Lead via 8571 5187 or

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Greater Dandneong public art collection features permanent installations around the municipality.
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