Birds gather in Greater Dandenong wetlands

Celebrating Sustainability (Council News article February 2023)

Birds gather in Greater Dandenong wetlands

February is sustainability month and Council is promoting sustainable living practices throughout our community. 

Council supported the Dolphin Research Institute and Lyndale Greens Primary School to deliver the Marine Ambassador Program. 

The program helps teach students the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation, including the link between wetlands and marine ecosystems. 

Marine Ambassadors Shivaani, Jasmine, Roshan and David were able to utilise knowledge from the program to implement sustainable measures in their school, including composting, plastic free ‘nude’ lunches and new recycling measures. 

World Wetlands Day is on Thursday 2 February. 

Wetlands help treat and filter stormwater from urban areas and roads and catch floodwaters. Wetlands are also home to an abundant variety of indigenous plants, water bugs, reptiles, birds, fish, frogs and mammals. 

Locally we are fortunate to have a stunning series of wetlands at Tirhatuan Park and Dandenong Wetlands. 

Find out more about our wetlands and other open spaces.