Springvale Road at night

Construction Update 3 - Springvale Boulevard Project

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November 2021 Update

The Springvale Boulevard Project will see a full upgrade of the road and footpaths located on Springvale Road between Balmoral Avenue and Windsor Avenue.

The construction works will be conducted by MACA Infrastructure Pty Ltd (MACA).

Construction commenced in mid-August 2021 and is expected to finish by late-August 2022.

What can you expect

Springvale Road will be temporarily closed to traffic between Windsor Avenue and Balmoral Avenue during the hours of 9pm to 5am on the following dates:

•    Sunday 7 November to Friday 12 November
•    Sunday 14 November to Friday 19 November
•    Sunday 21 November to Friday 26 November
•    Sunday 28 November to Friday 3 December
•    Sunday 5 December to Friday 10 December
•    Sunday 13 December to Friday 17 December.

The road will be closed so works can be completed safely as part of Stage 2 drainage works on the Springvale Boulevard Project.

During the closure, traffic controllers will be at the Windsor and Balmoral Avenue intersections and will provide local access. Signage will be displayed to show detours around the work zone. 

What we’ve done so far

Since our last update we have:

• completed centre median works
• continued site investigations to better understand the ground conditions before we start major construction
• installed temporary pedestrian lights
• installed temporary pedestrian crossing.

Upcoming works

Drainage works

In the upcoming month we will start on our drainage works, which are expected to take up to six months.

Drainage works are a critical stage in the project as we will be upgrading the drainage system along Springvale Road.

These works will be completed in five stages:


Stage 2A – Windsor Avenue intersection
Stage 2B – Windsor Avenue to the pedestrian crossing (west side of Springvale Road)
Stage 2C – the pedestrian crossing to Balmoral Avenue (west side of Springvale Road)
Stage 2D – Windsor Avenue to the pedestrian crossing (east side of Springvale Road)
Stage 2E – the pedestrian crossing to Balmoral Avenue (east side of Springvale Road).

Each of the Stage 2 works can take up to six weeks to complete and will follow a similar process to the below:

1. Setting up temporary traffic management and install temporary line marking
2. Saw cutting and excavation to remove the kerb, pavement, footpath and street furniture. For this activity, there will be increased noise, vibration and dust
3. Installing and completing new pit and piping
4. Installing new public lighting and light poles
5. Installing new permanent traffic signals.

The map below shows these works.

Map showing project works


Traffic changes – temporary right hand turn bans

The right turning lane from Springvale Road onto Windsor Avenue and the right turn out from Windsor Avenue onto Springvale Road, have been temporarily closed, to ensure that our workers and the community are kept safe during these works. These turning lanes will be reinstated once the works have been completed, which is expected to be around August 2022. 

Traffic light changes

We have replaced the current pedestrian lights with temporary pedestrian lights for the duration of the works. Once the project is complete, new permanent pedestrian lights will be installed. 

Working hours

Most of our works will take place between 7am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Night works will be undertaken between 7pm and 6am Sunday to Thursday. When night works are required, we will provide advanced notice, so you can plan and prepare.

Keeping you informed

Moving forward, we will distribute regular construction updates to the impacted traders, business owners and residents in the area to ensure accurate and timely information is being provided.

You can read the Construction Bulletin as a PDF here, Springvale Boulevard Project - Construction Bulletin 03 - November 2021 - 2MB

If you have any general enquiries about the project, contact the project team on 8571 1000 or SpringvaleBoulevard@cgd.vic.gov.au 

For construction related enquires contact Matt McNally on 1300 348 040.