Easy tips for a sustainable summer


As the weather gets warmer and the festive season approaches, the City of Greater Dandenong is urging residents to strive for a sustainable summer.

Mayor Angela Long said while the end of the year can be an overwhelming time for everyone, it’s possible to save money and the environment with a few simple changes.

“This time of year is about celebration, but with that comes financial pressures and an enormous amount of waste, so it’s important to look at ways to make a difference,” Cr Long said.

Swap disposable for re-usable

Australians use about 10 million single-use straws every day, and more than 150,000 kilometers of wrapping paper during the Christmas period. Try swapping to re-usable straws and wrapping gifts in tea towels or cloth.

Use your curtains

Stay cool and save money by utilising your shades and curtains on hot days. Up to 30 per cent of unwanted heat comes from your windows, so by keeping them covered you can lower the room temperature by up to 20 degrees and save up to 7 per cent on your power bills.

Don’t let food go to waste

On average, each Victorian household throws away $2,136 in food waste each year – that’s $42 a week in food waste. This can increase over the festive season. Don’t throw away money or food by making sure you have enough room in your fridge and freezer to store your leftovers properly. This will keep your food edible for longer, leaving you with delicious ingredients for a new meal.

Use your bins correctly

While following simple sustainable tips will help you reduce the amount of waste in your bin, it’s important to use your bins correctly when you need to use them. Go to for more information.

Greater Dandenong City Council declared a ‘Climate and Ecological Emergency’ in January 2020, committing us to emergency action on climate change.