a gift wrapped in fabric and decorated with foliage and a pinecone

Enjoy a Sustainable Festive Season

a gift wrapped in fabric and decorated with foliage and a pinecone

There are lots of ways to prevent waste and celebrate sustainably during the Christmas and New Year period.

Savvy spending and saving

  • Buy second-hand gifts that save items from going to landfill and puts money directly into people‚Äôs pockets
  • Find unwanted new or near new items on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, op shops, charity stores and second-hand bookstores
  • Sell or donate unwanted gifts.

Save on festive food waste

  • Shop at local small businesses or head to your closest farmers market
  • Plan for leftovers by making storage room in your fridge or freezer and send guests home with leftover food
  • Avoid disposable cutlery and plates. Use washing-up time to chat with family and friends.

Christmas Compost

Use the correct bin and recycle right:

  • Leftover food waste goes into your green lid food and garden waste bin
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps can be home composted, along with napkins and paper towel.

Minimising Landfill

  • Check it before you chuck it. Look for the Australasian Recycling Label on packaging to get the right thing in the right bin
  • Sell or pass-on updated electronic devices. Do not put them in your household waste or recycling bin. Search for a recycling option on the Recycling Near You website
  • Clean, dry aluminium foil can be scrunched into a ball and recycled
  • Beer bottle tops can be put in a steel can with the top pinched closed and recycled
  • Opt for reusable napkins, crockery and cutlery that can by washed and used again
  • Save wrapping paper, gift bags and ribbons for next year. Paper gift wrap and Christmas cards can go in the recycling bin
  • Place recycling loosely into your recycling bin, no plastic bags of any kind are allowed.

Learn more about what goes in each bin

Give Thoughtful Gifts

  • Cook someone a dinner or gift them home-made pickled vegetables, jams, relishes or sweet treats
  • Gift an experience
  • Buy a gift from a fairtrade shop
  • Adopt a platypus, turtle or koala
  • Donate to a charity on behalf of someone
  • Plant a tree.


  • Swap your decorations with family or friends instead of buying new ones
  • Store decorations correctly to reduce tangling and breakages
  • Use pinecones, gumtree branches or popcorn as decorations instead of buying them. Use an indoor plant as a Christmas tree.