Greater Dandenong employment forum a game changer

A group of people sitting around a table engaged in conversation

Greater Dandenong City Council has joined forces with the Victorian Government, local businesses, jobseekers and service providers to reshape local employment.

At the GameChange roundtable forum hosted by Council, more than 50 representatives from the community and government heard firsthand about the employment challenges and opportunities Greater Dandenong employers and communities are experiencing.

Victoria’s labour market is the tightest for a generation - an indication of the economy’s resilience.  In June, Victorian unemployment fell to a record low of 3.2 per cent, with one in three of all jobs created Australia-wide created in Victoria. In the Greater Dandenong region unemployment sits between eight and 13 per cent.

Mayor Cr Jim Memeti said with youth unemployment in Greater Dandenong above 22 per cent, and around one in four parents of working age not working, many people are available to fill job vacancies.

“For Greater Dandenong to continue to have a thriving local economy that provides residents with secure, meaningful employment, we need to shift the jobs and skills ecosystem to deliver better outcomes for local jobseekers and businesses.

“The GameChange roundtable is a great example of how we can work together with service providers, other levels of government, local jobseekers and industry to secure a brighter future for our community,” the Mayor said.

The roundtable follows extensive consultation with stakeholders and seeks to strengthen employment in the region. 

Roundtable participants embraced priorities including:

  •    a central employment hub with improved communication and collaboration to make it easier to navigate the system
  •    targeted training designed for and linked to employment opportunities
  •    workplace flexibility to enable greater participation 
  •    finding better ways for jobseekers currently experiencing disadvantage or economic exclusion to pursue pathways to employment. 

Minister for Employment Jaala Pulford said the Andrews Labor Government was proud to work with the Greater Dandenong community to deliver jobs and skills support that responds to the needs of local businesses and people looking for work.

“The Government has invested more than $1.8 million in the Greater Dandenong Community Revitalisation initiative because we know local communities understand what they need at a grass roots level.

“It’s fantastic to see this investment support more than 135 people into jobs, back four new microenterprises and engaged more than 1500 local businesses with support and opportunities such as the GameChange roundtable.

“In addition, the Jobs Victoria mentor service has placed 348 jobseekers into employment in the inner south east region since July 2021,” Minister Pulford said.  

Greater Dandenong’s GameChange initiative, part of the Community Revitalisation program, will continue to work with the community to deliver on priority actions and help shape a local employment strategy.

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