assorted liquid waste bottles

Statement regarding the Waste to Energy Project, 70 Ordish Road, Dandenong South

assorted liquid waste bottles

A settlement has been reached between Greater Dandenong City Council, the applicant and the EPA, and the pending appeal has thus been withdrawn.

After extensive work by Council’s environmental experts and lawyers and following a conclave which was held between both parties’ expert consultants and EPA officers, it was established that the proposal meets the required relevant EPA legislation. Additional conditions requested by council’s lawyers are being added to the EPA Works Approval and have been agreed to in principle by the EPA.

The settlement ends the prospects of Council incurring substantial costs in proceeding to a VCAT hearing and any claims in the absence of such settlement.

VCAT have now confirmed the settlement in its Orders issued yesterday.

Response by Greater Dandenong Council’s Director City Planning, Design and Amenity, Mr Jody Bosman