Dandenong Civic Centre

Vic Police Confirm ‘No Charges’ in I Cook Foods Matter

Dandenong Civic Centre

Greater Dandenong City Council welcomes the conclusion of the Victoria Police investigation, which does not recommend any charges.

According to Greater Dandenong City Council CEO John Bennie, “there has been no cover-up, no false information, no misleading documentation.

“We provided Victoria Police with all the requested information, including photographs, body camera footage and other documented evidence.

“We’ve now had the Ombudsman, two Parliamentary inquiries, and the Victoria Police, review and interrogate every aspect of this matter and, on every occasion, without exception, Council has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

“How many more investigations are needed before we call this out for what it really is  – nothing more than a series of baseless claims centred on a nasty, hurtful, conspiracy theory.

“We are also extremely concerned about the detrimental impacts these false claims are having on the health and wellbeing of staff.  

“Council officers were just doing their job. The same job they have been doing every day for years, and the same job which has been the target of extremely hurtful, personal and baseless claims. 

“Hopefully, there will now be less conspiracy, and more balance, in the future reporting of this matter,” Mr Bennie said.

Mayor Jim Memeti said he is also very pleased with the outcome. “We have been confident in our staff and their professionalism the whole way through. I hope this will finally conclude what has been a concerning and unfair public interrogation.”