Cr Rhonda Garad (Keysborough South Ward)

Councillor Rhonda Garad
Term as Councillor
2020 - present

About Rhonda

My vision for Keysborough South Ward is for a community well supported to face the challenges of COVID and thrive in the post pandemic recovery. I will work for a safer, stronger, fairer community, providing high quality facilities and services. I am a health professional, former small business owner and I have a strong track record as a voice for community groups, or listening and then developing plans that respond to community needs.

Councillor Representative 2022-23

Committees, Community Organisations and Associations

  • Arts Advisory Committee (AAC)
  • Audit and Risk Committee (ARC)
  • Sustainability Advisory Committee

Regional Organisations and Committees

  • Eastern Transport Coalition
  • South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) Councillor Advisory Group