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Rates Concessions and Assistance

Pensioners Concessions

Residents may be eligible for a discount on your rates if they hold either:

  • an eligible pensioner or concession card
  • a DVA Gold Card with war widow or TPI classification.

The card must be the same as your home address as shown on your rates notice.

Health care card holders do not get a discount on their rates.

The Victorian Government provides the pensioner rates concession and the City of Greater Dandenong manages the discount for the Department of Human Services.

Check if you can get a rates discount (Department of Human Service).

How do I apply for pensioner concession?

To apply for a discount on your rates:

  1. Download the Department of Human Services' Rates Concession Application Form
  2. Return the completed form, with a copy of your pension card, to City of Greater Dandenong. Return your completed form via Australia Post, or visit one of our Customer Service Centres.

Payment Plan Request

Council understands that circumstances can arise that may make it difficult to pay your balance on time. If you are experiencing difficulties in paying your rates, we would like to offer our assistance in the form of a payment plan.

We can work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and helps you pay off your balance over time. 

How do I apply for a payment plan?

If you would like to enquire about a payment plan, there are the below two options:


  • Option 2: Please contact Council in writing via email on or contact Customer Service team on 8571 1000 to request a Payment Plan. 

Serious Financial Hardship Assistance

Residents who are currently experiencing difficulties in paying their council rates and charges, may qualify for assistance under Council's Hardship Policy.

Council's Hardship Policy allows rate payers to apply for rate deferral arrangements, or in extreme cases, part rates waivers. Read Council's Rates and Charges Hardship Policy below.

How do I apply for financial hardship assistance?

Residents who wish to apply for hardship assistance have two options. Both forms are the same, you just need to select the option that you want to submit.

Option 1: Complete online Rates and Charges Application Waiver of Rates and Charges form below.

Select to complete online form   


Option 2: Download and completed a hardcopy Waiver of Rates and Charges Application Form below. Return your completed form via Australia Post, or visit one of our Customer Service Centres.

Download hardcopy of the Hardship Waiver of Rates Charges Application - 215.9KB