Nature reserve with dry grass

Keeping our Wildlife Cool this Summer

kookaburra drinking in a bird bath

Weather and climate experts have predicted extreme heat this summer, putting our wildlife at risk of dehydration and death.

The Gardens for Wildlife team have provided some tips to help you create a safe and inviting habitat in your backyard this summer:

  • Provide a reliable, fresh water source. Leave shallow dishes of water in shady areas, avoiding metal dishes as they will get very hot in the sun.
  • Putting shallow dishes of water high up or in trees will help keep wildlife safe from predators while they drink or bathe. A shallow dish of water at ground level is accessible to reptiles and insects on a hot day. 
  • Regularly refresh the water to avoid disease or mosquito’s breeding.
  • Plant indigenous plants. Native wildlife will use these to find shelter from heat and predators. Indigenous plants are perfectly suited to our local soils and can withstand our hot, dry summers.
  • Keep an eye out for heat-stressed wildlife. If you do come across wildlife in distress, contact Wildlife Victoria on 8400 7300.

Our Gardens for Wildlife guides can visit your garden and offer suggestions and guidance to increase habitat and food sources for local wildlife. To find out more about the program or register for a free garden visit, take a look at the webpage.