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About Gardens for Wildlife

Gardens for Wildlife is a free program supporting residents, businesses, schools and community groups to attract and support wildlife with indigenous plants and wildlife gardening practices.

Whether you have a big backyard, a small balcony or share a community garden, there are many ways to provide shelter, nesting habitat, and natural food and water sources.

The program offers residents a garden visit from trained volunteer garden guides.

Why Gardens for Wildlife?

Did you know that privately owned land takes up over 70 per cent of the City of Greater Dandenong?

That means that residential gardens have enormous potential to provide much-needed habitat for wildlife. Canopy cover in Greater Dandenong has continued to drop in recent years, and as urbanisation continues to increase, wildlife habitat has become severely fragmented, sending many plant and animal populations into decline. By adding a habitat rock or two, or planting a couple more indigenous plants in your own garden, you are providing vital habitat for local threatened and endangered species to move through our neighbourhoods and live safely alongside people.

There are also many other benefits to wildlife gardening, such as boosting mental wellbeing, creating beautiful, dynamic spaces, building knowledge, and strengthening one’s connection to nature and place. What’s more, Gardens for Wildlife is an opportunity to foster connection with your local community and become part of a network of passionate wildlife gardeners.

How does Gardens for Wildlife work?

1. Register your interest for a garden visit by filling out the form below.

2. Two trained garden guides will visit your garden for one hour at an agreed time to offer suggestions and guidance to increase habitat and food sources for local wildlife.

3. Garden visits are non-judgemental, and help to build knowledge, skills and confidence in caring for the land.

Participants will receive

  • A voucher for 20 indigenous plants from Greenlink Sandbelt Indigenous Nursery
  • A written report with suggestions for your wildlife garden
  • The opportunity to become a part of the state-wide Gardens for Wildlife Victoria network

How can you get involved with Gardens with Wildlife

There's many ways to get involved in this program. 

Request a garden visit

Fill out the form below. 

Request a Garden Visit

Become a volunteer garden guide

Perhaps you're interested in becoming a garden guide? Register below to become a Council volunteer and you will receive specialised garden guide training.

Complete Volunteer Application Form

Tips for creating a wildlife friendly garden

There are many things that you can do to provide habitat for local wildlife, or increase biodiversity in your backyard.

View our range of Biodiversity Resources and get started.

Fact sheets

Read fact sheets about how you can make your neighbourhood attract certain animals into our gardens.  

Attracting Frogs to your Garden - 2.8MB

Attracting Skinks to your Garden - 2.8MB

Attracting Parrots to you Garden - 392KB

Attracting Honeyeaters to your Garden - 343KB

Attracting Small Birds to your Garden - 460KB

Find out more

To find out more about the Gardens for Wildlife program and upcoming events in local parks and reserves, visit the Environmental Events page or sign up for our eNewsletter, Our Bright Green Future.

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