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Biodiversity Blitz 2021

During September, Greater Dandenong Council is celebrating Biodiversity month by partnering with eight of our neighbouring councils to hold the Biodiversity Blitz 2021. The competition is running between all nine councils (Greater Dandenong, Casey, Monash, Kingston, Knox, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula, Cardinia, and Yarra Ranges) on who can record the most species.

Participating is easy, all you need is your phone.

Join the City of Greater Dandenong's team from the 1-30 September by simply heading outdoors to snap photos of flora and fauna in the Greater Dandenong and then upload to iNaturalist. You'll be contributing to community science and showing the world the amazing biodiversity Greater Dandenong has to offer.

How to join

Step 1 - Download the free iNaturalist App and register.

Step 2 - Join the Biodiversity Blitz 2021 – City of Greater Dandenong project.   

Step 3 - From Wednesday 1 September start recording your observations.

The iNaturalist App is easy to use and there is a community on iNaturalist that can help you identify your observations. It is a great way to learn about local plants and animals and get involved in local conservation. 


A Parent or Carer's Guide to Biodiversity Blitz - 2.1MB

A Teacher's Guide to Biodiversity Blitz - 2.1MB

Watch this great iNaturalist video and get started.

COVID-19 restrictions

When participating in the Biodiversity Blitz 2021, please act within the current COVID-19 restriction levels outlined by the Department of Human Health and Service COVID-19 restrictions. 

Tread lightly

Please respect our plants and wildlife when taking photos. Spring is nesting season for many birds and flowering time for many orchids and herbs so try not to damage or disturb our plants or animals. If you see young birds on the ground, please leave them unless they are obviously injured. They are fledging the nest and learning to fly, and their parents will be close by.

For more information visit RSPCA Victoria.

If you come across injured wildlife, please contact Wildlife Victoria on (03) 8400 7300.


Do I need to join the Biodiversity Blitz 2021 – Melbourne project as well as the Biodiversity Blitz 2021 - Greater Dandenong project?

After you join the Biodiversity Blitz 2021 - Greater Dandenong project, your observations will automatically be added to the Biodiversity Blitz 2021 – Melbourne project. 

How can I find out which of the nine councils has made the most observations?

To see how many observations have been made by all nine councils, check the project page for the Biodiversity Blitz 2021 - Melbourne.

Program sponsor

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)