Man in community garden

Community Gardens

A community garden is a piece of land where community members can grow, share and donate food. They also provide learning and recreation opportunities. 

Access to gardens

The community can only access some of the gardens listed below. Specific community or school group only can access others.

Contact the local agency, service or school for further details.

Starting up a new community garden on Council land

Council supports and encourages the local community to initiate, establish and self-manage community gardens in appropriate locations with the support of Council in accordance with the Community Gardens on Council Owned Public Open Space Policy and Guidelines.

The Guidelines have been created to help local community groups through the process of starting up a community garden on Council owned and/or managed public open space land.

Community Gardens on Council Owned Public Open Space Guidelines - 4.16MB



Community gardens

Dandenong Neighbourhood House Community Garden
34 King Street, Dandenong. Telephone 9792 5298

Noble Park Community Centre, Community Garden
Memorial Drive, Ross Reserve. Telephone 9547 5801

Noble Park English Language School Community Garden
Thomas Street, Noble Park. Telephone 9546 9578    

Maralinga Community Gardens Inc
Chandler Reserve, 327 Chandler Road, Keysborough. Telephone 0409 003 652

Springvale Community Garden
1-7 Morwell Parade, Springvale. Telephone 9540 8618

School community gardens

Athol Road Primary School
Athol Road, Springvale South, phone 9547 1224
Read about Athol Road Primary School's community garden

Carwartha College
Browns Rd, Noble Park North, phone 9795 5848
Read about Carwartha College's community garden

Cornish College
Riverend Road, Bangholme, phone 9773 1011

Dandenong North Preschool
McFees Road, Dandenong North, phone 9792 9003

Dandenong Primary School
Foster Street, Dandenong, phone 9792 2743

Dandenong South Primary School
Kirkham Road, Dandenong South, phone 9792 3726

Heritage Preschool
Bakers Road, Dandenong North, phone 9795 5068

Keysborough Primary School
Coomoora Road, Springvale South, phone 9798 4764

Noble Park Primary School
Buckley Street, Noble Park, phone 9546 8811
Read about Noble Park Primary School's community garden

Resurrection School
Corrigan Road, Keysborough, phone 9798 4126

Rosewood Downs Primary School
Murray Road, Dandenong North, phone 9795 3744

Shalimar Park Preschool
1 Milan Court, Dandenong North, phone 9795 5226

Silverton Primary School
Jacksons Road, Noble Park North, phone 9795 5033

Sirius College
Chapel Road, Keysborough, phone 9701 5425

Spring Parks Primary School
Clarke Road, Springvale South, phone 9547 3222

Springvale Park Special Development School
Sandown Road, Springvale, phone 9546 7666

Springvale Rise Primary School
Wareham Street, Springvale, phone 9546 3799

St Elizabeth's Parish School
Bakers Road, Dandenong North, phone 9795 5258

St Gerard's Primary School
Gladstone Road, Dandenong, phone 9791 7553

St Mary's Primary School
New Street, Dandenong, phone 9791 7650

Yarraman Oaks Primary School
27 Liege Avenue, Noble Park, phone 9792 4406