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Anti-Racism Support

The City of Greater Dandenong is the most culturally diverse community in Australia, with residents from 157 birth places and 64 per cent of its population born overseas. This rich cultural diversity is one of Greater Dandenong's greatest strengths. So, irrespective of appearance, beliefs, or language spoken, no one should have to endure racism in the place they call home.  

This page provides an overview of the recent work that has been undertaken by Council in combating racism, as well as community resources that can provide support to those who have experienced racism. 


Improving Anti-Racism Support in the Southeast

In 2021, the City of Casey and the City of Greater Dandenong partnered with Victoria University to conduct a place-based project aimed at improving responses to racism in the local community. 

More specifically, this research and community engagement project sought to better understand how existing reporting and support services for people who have experienced racism can be strengthened and expanded so that they meet the specific needs and expectation of local communities in the two municipalities. 

This report summarises the key findings of this project, drawing on a local community survey, 11 peer-facilitated focus groups and a series of community forums. These empirical insights guided the development of practical recommendations towards more effective anti-racism work with real-life changes in the local communities. 

The final report and its recommendations can be read below: 

Towards Improved Anti-Racism Support in Casey and Greater Dandenong

Racism Not Welcome Campaign

On 11 April 2023, Greater Dandenong City Council endorsed a Notice of Motion to support the #RacismNotWelcome campaign to demonstrate its commitment to promoting a culture of respect and inclusion, and to showcase the City as a leader in the fight against racism.

A major component of the campaign has been the inclusion of street signs with #RacismNotWelcome, as a way of public demonstration to call out racism. The campaign supports and compliments the important work that Council has already done in raising and addressing racism within our communities. 

Community Reporting Tool

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission is managing the Community Reporting Tool. The Commission is an independent statutory body. The Community Reporting Tool has been designed to make the process of reporting to the Commission easier and more accessible for everyone. If you are confronted with bigotry, discrimination and/or racism, you can make a short, confidential report directly to the Commission through this tool.

We encourage you to speak out and make a report through this tool if you or someone you know is confronted with racism or discrimination of any kind. 

Make a report using the community reporting tool

Southeast Anti-Racism Support Network

The Southeast Anti-Racism Support Network was formed in 2023 as a direct response to the recommendations made in the below report:

Towards Improved Anti-Racism Support in Casey and Greater Dandenong

Researchers had collaborated with community organisations and residents to develop a local 'roadmap' of practical ways that reporting, and support services could be tailored to the specific needs of local communities. 

The purpose of the Anti-Racism Support Network is to provide a 'first point of contact' for those who have experienced racism, offering a culturally safe and emotionally supportive space for people to speak out and jointly explore further support options (e.g. referral to specialised services). 

Furthermore, the Network provides member organisations with:

  • an opportunity to be part of a Community of Practice
  • a series of free capacity building sessions
  • a directory of anti-racism support services, and
  • a platform for information sharing.

Please refer to the Network's Terms of Reference for further information or contact our Community Advocacy Officer, Marek Krol at or on 8571 5427 if you would like to discuss becoming a member. 

Resources and Supports

This list provides links to relevant organisations and support materials for those who have experienced racism.


Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

The AHRC is an independent third party which investigates complaints about discrimination and human rights breaches. 

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEQHRC)

The VEQHRC works to protect human rights, promote fair treatment of all Victorians, and advocate for a diverse and inclusive state. 

Beyond Blue 

All forms of discrimination can have an impact on mental health. The Beyond Blue Support Service can help. 

Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV)

The ICV is the peak body Muslim body in the state of Victoria representing an estimated 270,000 Muslims via 76 member societies representing over 100 diverse ethnic communities. Its Islamophobia Support aims to help people understand and navigate their service options. ICV offers information, advice, referrals and culturally responsive case management. 

Support Materials:

Australian Human Rights Commission - Racial Discrimination

Islamic Council of Victoria - Islamophobia Support Service Information Kit - 6.5MB

eSafety Commissioner - Online Safety Laws -1.1MB