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Interfaith Network

The Interfaith Network is a group of diverse cultural and religious faiths, working in partnership with the City of Greater Dandenong to promote peace and harmony within the municipality.

The Network is the first established Interfaith Network in Australia, and consists of various traditional and multi-faith groups who meet monthly. Their goal is simple - promoting understanding, respect and tolerance for each other's beliefs by living together in peace and goodwill. The Interfaith Network covers faith communities in the Springvale, Dandenong, Keysborough and Noble Park areas.

The Network strives to achieve the vision of 'Many Faiths, One People'.

Interfaith Network members

After participating as observers, the leaders may formalise their community membership by signing the common statement at the Annual Gathering. Individuals may also join the Network as observers on a permanent basis or attend meetings or events when involved in projects with an Interfaith component.

Local leaders of faith and spiritual communities who support the ideals of the Interfaith Network attend monthly meetings, contribute to the development of the Network, and assist in the planning and implementation of the activities of the Network.

Interfaith tours

Interfaith Network tours are held every second month. The tours are an opportunity to visit the places of worship of the local faith and spiritual communities and see the diversity within our area, focusing on the religious and spiritual dimension of multiculturalism. This service is coordinated by the members of the Interfaith Network.

Tours cost $25, which covers transportation and a copy of the 'Many Faiths, One People' booklet.

For more information and bookings visit, contact Helen Heath, tour coordinator on 8774 7662 or email