Springvale Community Hub

Springvale Community Hub Committee

The Springvale Community Hub Committee was formed to provide strategic advice to the City of Greater Dandenong Council regarding strategic matters related to the Springvale Community Hub. These include matters related to community development and engagement, sense of place, promotion, development and evaluation of actions aimed at delivering on the vision of the hub.

The establishment of the Springvale Community Hub Committee aligns with the Greater Dandenong Council Plan 2021-25 and the objectives of Council’s Community Engagement Policy and Framework ensuring the committee is within the levels of Involve and Collaborate on the public participation spectrum and to contributes to Council’s strong commitment to engaging the community in a genuine and meaningful way. 

The inclusive and participatory model of the Springvale Community Hub Committee will aim to enable and maximise use of the hub by local community organisations and residents.

The objectives of the Committee include:

  • keep Council informed and advise them on opportunities to increase community connection or access to the hub
  • identify opportunities to promote community engagement, programs and activities to the community
  • ensure positive communication between community representatives and Council
  • identify opportunities for community partnerships, improvement initiatives, programs and activities at the hub
  • contribute to the achievement of the Springvale Community Hub vision and place-based community development.
  • contribute to the periodic review of the Springvale Community Hub Strategic Plan and  associated Action Plan, policies, programs and services that relate to the hub
  • advise Council on emerging issues that have a potential impact on the hub
  • promote a positive profile for the Springvale Community Hub.

Membership can include:

  • Nine (9) Community representatives sought from local community groups, schools and residents, including at least three (3) local residents.
  • One (1) representative from Springvale District Historical Society.
  • Up to two (2) councillor representatives.
  • One (1) senior Council staff member.

Current endorsed members: 

  • Louisa Willoughby (Chair) 
  • Chris Keys
  • Sarita Kulkarni 
  • Chris Keys 
  • Gaye Guest 
  • Zoë Mohl 
  • Matthew Kirwan 
  • Silvia Mastrogiovanni 
  • Vinh Luong 
  • Elena Sheldon 
  • Cr Richard Lim 
  • Cr Loi Truong 

Terms of Reference 

Download the Springvale Community Hub Committee Terms of Reference - 210KB

Join the Springvale Community Hub Committee 

Council currently has one position available on the Springvale Community Hub Committee. Appointments of members will be until June 2025. If you are a local Greater Dandenong resident who has experience and interest in achieving great outcomes for the Springvale Community Hub,

Complete the Springvale Hub Committee Nomination Form 

Feedback or further information

If you have any feedback you would like to share with the Committee or the Hub team please contact springvalecommunityhub@cgd.vic.gov.au

Find out more about the on the Springvale Community Hub, including hours of opening and what’s on.