Dandenong Civic Centre

Material Aid

Demand on local support services and sourcing essential items like food has become more difficult during this time.

Council is working with local agencies and providers to source and deliver food and material relief to vulnerable members of the Greater Dandenong community.

Over the past three weeks, Council has supported the distribution of 15 tonnes of food to our community, including fresh fruit, vegetables and non-perishable food.

Council is doing our best to support community members that are most in need and encourages everyone to continue to support one another during this challenging time.

The Victorian Government is providing emergency relief packages for individuals and businesses affected by COVID-19.

If you need support

All people seeking Emergency Food and Material can contact the COVID-19 Hotline on 1800 675 398.

For locally available support, please contact the following organisation, who Council is supporting, for distribution of Food and Material Aid. 

Afri-Aus Care

562 Springvale Road, Springvale South 
Contact number: 0433 526 553
Contact person: (Selba)

Salvation Army

TSA Kingston City Doorways 
Unit 13/12-16 Garden Blvd, Dingley Village 
Kingston City Doorways Team Leader: Kylie Andrew
Site contact number: (03) 9558 2045

TSA Dandenong Doorways (Closed Dec 29-31)
147-151 Foster Street, Dandenong
Regional Doorways Manager, Metro East: Kim Ngo
Site contact number: (03) 9794 3500

TSA Springvale Doorways (Closed Dec 29-31)
5 View Road, Springvale 
Springvale Doorways Team Leader: Jessica Benton
Site contact number: (03) 9562 4743

Joeys Food Van 

Meals - Dandenong
Dandenong Plaza Courtyard, Joey's Van, Dandenong
Contact person: Marg
Contact number: (03) 9547 4877
Service hours: Monday evenings 6.30pm and Friday evening 6.30pm (commencing from January onwards)

Any agencies interested in contributing to Council’s material aid efforts, or residents needing further help with getting support, please email materialaidenquiries@cgd.vic.gov.au.